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DT1000 Microprocessor Based, Double Pass EPA Compliance Opacity Monitor

Opacity MonitorModel DT1000 is a microprocessor based, double pass Environmental Protection Agency compliance opacity monitor. The microprocessor creates excellent stability and reliability plus the use of patented glass fiber optic technology in the stack components further enhances the performance. The Model DT1000 was designed and is still unmatched in having the fewest stack mounted electronics.

The Datatest Model DT1000 is an EPA compliant Opacity Monitor designed to operate accurately, trouble-free, and require minimal maintenance. It has been tested and operated under a wide variety of process and operating conditions since its introduction, and is a market leader in performance and reliability.

Key Benefits
  • EPA certifiable double-pass monitoring system
  • On-line calibration check
  • Off-stack processor
  • Modular design
  • Automatic span and stack exit correction
  • 4% Dust Alarm
  • 0-20 mA Recorder included
  • Micro controller offered in panel mount or NEMA 4 wall mount
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