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G-SPIKE Discharge Electrodes
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The G-SpikeTM Discharge Electrode

G-Spike Discharge ElectrodeDischarge Electrodes are a fundamental part of the Electrostatic Precipitator .

The G-SpikeTM is the latest in DE technologies.
  • Highly agressive RDE (rigid discharge electrode)
  • High emissivity, low corona onset
  • Substantial increase in corona current over its competitors
  • Easily fitted as a stand-alone or added to a holding  frame
  • Light, rigid and ideal for both top and side rapping systems
G-Spike electrodes are patented worldwide and guaranteed.

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The G-SpikeTM Performance Characteristics

The G-SpikeTM offers a good current density produced by the sharp point on the stamped stainless steel spikes. (Figure a) . Being stainless steel, the spikes are far more resistant to wear than those created from mild steel. This gives them a significantly longer life than there competition. (Click on images for larger view).

G Spike Performance

The G-SpikeTM Is easily fitted in both new and aftermarket applications. The mast have a number of accessories that allow them to be extended, balanced and mounted using different methods.

Figure a. shows the two differing types of spikes available.

Figure b. shows spike spacing and one of the methods of fixing the electrode to the upper frame.
Figure a. Different Mast Types Figure b. Example Fixing Point
Figure a. Different Mast Types Figure b. Example Fixing Point

Figure c. shows an electrode assembly, upper and lower support system as well as balance weight in the center of the mast for the purpose of reducing oscillation.

A typical 9m (30ft) mast with center ballast and bottom weight amounts to about 12 Kg ( 27 lbs).

Figure d. Photos of fixing and mounting.

Figure c. Complete Mast Assembly Figure d. Fixings
Complete Mast Assembly Fixing A

Fixing B

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